Current News & Upcoming Events

      • January 2018 Art Show at Think Coffee on Bleecker and Bowery
        I will be exhibiting my attempts to capture moments, people and feelings, to make them live forever. I suffer from what Pete Hamill calls nostalgia, or real things gone. Inspirations vary from intimate to plutonic, obsessions to habits and everything in between.
        When I look back at what I chose to capture about someone I loved I am catapulted back in time. I remember how electrifying it is to be in love, in lust, in hate, in hurt. I remember what about the other person that captivated me.
      • Returned from spending a couple of weeks in Kigali, Rwanda to work with University of Rwanda students, as well as vacationing in Tanzania. See TRAVEL page.
      • Out of the Shadows:
      • Now Available: Calamity, Pomp, and the Worship of Other Things, a collection of short stories available in hard copy and eBook. 
      • Accepting invitations to screen Out of the Shadows, a short documentary by Juan Galindo, produced by John Howard, featuring Kat Chua Almirañez
      • Accepting invitations to perform Undocumented, The Play
      • Featured on NY Immigration Coalition: Immigrant Roots,